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Class: Intermediate Wheel Throwing

Wednesdays 7-10pm

Course Description: This is an ideal course for students that have completed our Beginner Wheel Throwing class or have other similar experience! (Students should have the ability to throw a basic piece on the wheel.) This course will help you gain technical skills to make functional pottery and incorporate unique, decorative elements into your work. Topics include handles, lids, teapots, throwing off the hump, and creating altered forms. Pieces finished with your choice of our studio glazes will be food safe and fully functional.

Course fee includes use of studio equipment, tools, bisque firing, glaze firing, and clay. (Personal tools are recommended but not required.)


Week 1:

  • Review wedging, centering, throwing; larger pieces; matching forms
  • Demo: large bowl, tips for throwing matching forms
  • Goal: one large bowl, two matching mugs

Week 2:

  • Trimming review; Surface decoration; pulling and attaching handles
  • Demo: carved bowl; decorative slip application; pulling/attaching handles

Week 3:

  • Demo: throwing off the hump, small bowls, lids, spouts; assemble a teapot (trim lid and add knob)
  • Goal: vessel with two lids; cylinder (for week 4 alteration)

Week 4:

  • Trimming off the hump; assembled & altered thrown forms
  •  Demo: trim small bowls off the hump; oval form with slab base; cylinder with slab insert
  • Goal: trim lid and alter cylinder from week 3
  • Goal: trim work from week one; attach handles; decorate bowl

Week 5:

  • Glazing review
  • Demo: using studio glazes (and decorative wax resist)
  • Goal: determine and plan on personal pieces to make, throw vessels

Week 6/7:

  • Studio work time
  • Demo: students’ choice, upon request (closed forms/bottles; lidded cassaroles; platters; colanders/pierced forms, etc.)
  • Goal: create several pieces using techniques learned in class

 Week 8:

  • Final trimming & glazing
  • Demo: upon request
  • Goal: complete all work (make plan to finish glazing/pick up finished work)