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Class: Hand-building Tableware for Beginners

Mugs, Cups, Bowls and Plates

Mondays 7-10pm

Instructor:  Set Gozo

Course Description:

This eight week course will explore surface decoration methods and materials along with basic slab building techniques. Making simple forms out of slabs and various surface applications will be alternating each week . All levels are welcome.

Course fee includes clay, tools, bisque firing and glaze firing. No additional costs. Open studios on Saturday are also included.


Week 1: Building simple PLATES with slabs and coils

  • Making stamps; sticks and rollers

Week 2: Adding colors on greenware

  • Applying colored slips; brush, paper resist

Week 3: Making small BOWLS 

  • with slabs, bisque molds and templates

Week 4: Design with subtracting motions

  • Sgraffito and Inlay
  • Carved and/or stamped textures
  • Water etching, optional

Week 5: Making MUGS 

  • with slabs and templates

Week 6: Texture by adding clay

  • Slip trailing
  • Hakeme; slip with texture tools
  • Sprigs and Appliqué
  • Dry brush slip application, optional

Week 7: Making SPOONS, optional

Resist methods on Bisque ware

  • Glaze resist methods using wax, contact paper, masking tape, artist tape
  • Underglaze Wash, Glaze Wash
  • Oxide washes, optional

Week 8: Layering Glazes

  • Dipping, stamping, brushing, wax resist, and glaze trailing
  • Latex resist, optional