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Class: Figurative Sculpture for Beginners

Tuesdays 7-10PM

Instructor:  Set Gozo

Course Description: This 8 week course will explore basic figurative sculpting methods using simple hand building techniques. This class will assist the students in exploring their level of understanding in sculpting human form, facial features, body proportion by using hand building techniques for beginners.

Course fee includes clay, tools, bisque firing and glaze firing. No additional costs. Open studios on Saturday are also included.

Week 1:

  • Introduction and review of different ceramic techniques
  • General ground rules and orientation to facility usage
  • Review of materials, tools and type of clay
  • Intro to Pinch pots, coil method, wedging, slab rolling

Week 2:

  • Understanding the Importance of Proportion in sculpting
  • Bust making, facial features, eyes, nose, ears, lips

Week 3:

  • Pinch Pot Techniques
  • Making a bust and a head using pinch pots, body proportion review

Week 4: Adding detail features, sculpting hands, feet

Week 5: Greenware stage, sculpting details and drying

Week 6:

  • Understanding Glazing, Different kind to Glazes, review Firing Techniques;Dipping, stamping, brushing, wax resist, and glaze trailing
  • Staining, painting using underglaze

Week 7: Bisque Glazing

Week 8: Finishing of work