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Class: Beginner Wheel Throwing

Open Studio: Saturdays 6am to 6pm.
Come get some extra work time in on your own. Open studio is not supervised- please be respectful and responsible in our community art space! The last person to leave on Saturday is responsible for ensuring that all doors are locked, lights are turned off, and clay is wrapped put away.

Other things to note:
Any missed classes must be made up in the same session, either on a different class night or during open studio.
All shelves must be cleared off at the end of each session, unless you are returning the next session. If returning, work needs to have a note clearly indicating that you are returning next session.

Please bring an old towel… it will definitely be handy! We recommend bringing your own tools, although there will be tools on hand. Basic tools are best- Kemper brand makes a basic tool kit that costs ~$20. Write your name on them!


Week 1:

  • Studio Orientation
  • Wedging
  • Centering, opening & raising demonstration
  • Throwing a cylinder demonstration

Week 2:

  • Trimming demonstration
  • Repeat throwing demonstration
  • Q&A / one-on-one help

Week 3:

  • Repeat trimming demonstration
  • Open work time

Week 4:

  • Handle demonstration
  • Open work time

Week 5:

  • Short hand-building demonstration (pinch pots, coils, etc.) for those who are interested.
  • Open work time

Week 6: last week to work with wet clay (unless you are continuing next session)

  • Short discussion / demonstration on advanced topics- lids, plates, etc
  • Open work time

 Week 7: All work must be on cart for bisque fire end of class Thursday.
Any work left over on shelves will be recycled unless clearly marked repeating next session.

  • Open work time

Week 8:

  • Glazing
  • Open work time

Firing Schedule:
Bisque and glaze firings will be performed periodically when shelves have enough work on them to fill the kiln. (Week 6 is the last week to throw on the wheel- this ensures that pieces can be trimmed in Week 7, and bisque fired by Week 8 for glazing.)


  • Any of the “500 “ series books by Lark Books (e.g. “500 Cups”, “500 Bowls”, etc.)
  • A Potter’s Workbook, by Clary Illian
  • Ceramics – A Potter’s Handbook, by Glenn C. Nelson
  • Finding One’s Way with Clay, by Paulus Berensohn