Class: Handbuilding Using Asian Decorative Techniques

Simple hand built vessels and surface designs for beginners

Tuesdays 7-10pm

Instructor:  Cassie Weatherford

Course Description: This course explores the relationship between form and surface design using esthetics from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ceramics traditions. Students will use slabs, extrusions, and coils to create a variety of functional forms. Using traditional decorative techniques, students will be encouraged to incorporate their own style and motifs to embellish their works using tools they make in class.

Course fee includes use of studio equipment and tools, bisque and glaze firing, and 25 pounds of clay. (personal tools are recommended but not required)


Week 1: Make clay stamps; overview of various Asian pottery styles.
Week 2: Use coil and paddle technique to make cup/bowl.
Week 3: Use inlay techniques including mishima and buncheong.
Week 4: Overview of tools, construct rope rollers, hakame brushes, etc. Use slump/hump molds to make trays/baskets.
Week 5: Go over decorative techniques using slip including hakame, combing, sgraffito, etc. Make a set of banchan dishes using all of the decorative techniques learned.
Week 6: Slab build box forms/flower bricks.
Week 7: Use Oribe style decorative techniques including brushwork and glazing.
Week 8: Look at all of the pretty things we made and have a potluck.